Thursday, 1 November 2012

Yeahhhh Night MarKettttt!!!!~

Night market, night market.In longtime, I do not go to the night market in my place..Night market at the peak of the second phase of nature was not going again. At that time, my mother, my elder sister went and my little sister went to the night market . 

Actually my little sister went to the market with my father, but not so. I do not know why my little sister in bad mood. What i know my little sister every week will buy scarves. possible and do not have the lid that can be purchased, for all hoods already purchased. hahahahha!!!

 It very lfunny. I thinks when she's feeling great, definitely going to be like my sisters who are strong fashionable. wicked x I? hahahhha.!!!

My second sisterrrr

My Elder Sister

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